About Vimiu VR

Founded in 2006, Vimiu VR is a full service in modeling, rendering and post work firm, with more than 100 staff of highly skilled and experienced. It is specialized in 3d architectural visualization, animation, multi-media production, ect., and are committed to the development and promotion of VR (Virtual Reality), which is in 360° panoramic scene.

All our artists have participated in a very wide range of projects, including masterplan, landscape, hotel, residential, office, hospital, mixed-use, ect. which are from America, Canada, Middle East, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, ect.

We have an excellent track record of working cooperatively with all team members to deliver projects with high-quality that are on time and on budget, and are striving to provide superior service by keeping our client's needs front and center. We are dedicated to establish long-term relationship with all clients, so we can respond to all the projects from large to small.

It was a nice journey, and will be rich and profound in the future.


Competitive Price & High Quality
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Shanghai, China

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