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Senses in architecture

Architecture is not just about form/design, but mainly about people. We are human before architects and artists.
Architecture must answer questions in a practical way. A work must have its program well resolved, such as its flow, structure, electrical, hydraulic, in other words, everything that is part of its technique and is related to its functionality and logic. Obviously, meeting these needs is part of architecture, but does not qualify it.

Quality is relative not only as basic issues already mentioned, but also relative to emotional bonds that we create with space.

It is important to understand what matters is the environment, space, climate and atmosphere. And the main question that follows from this is: how to design such spaces? How to design something that touches us in some way? How to design spaces with quality?

This sensitivity that relates us to a particular environment is an individual perception that is often closely linked to a special and intimate memory.

An architecture is not based only on gestalt or in another dominant sense, it is consolidated through an agglomeration of circumstances: feelings, memory, culture and senses.

It is essential to the experience of life our relations with the world. A work is part of the world only if it is exposed to a subject’s perception, which must be the great desire of architecture, be exposed, not necessarily understood, but to make it part of the life, the world, of us.
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