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2G Academy Competition Winners Announced





2G Academy Season 1 has at last been completed. From all the students the top 3 were judged and the winners announced.

2G Academy is proudly supported by CG Architect, Chaos Group (creator of V-Ray), as well as Vizpark, iToo Software and Exlevel. These companies are rewarding the three winners to boost and help with their careers in the 3D industry.







The competition judges:





             Jeff Mottle

             CG ARCHITECT


He is the founder of CG Architect Digital Media Corporation. The main online magazine and the community of users for architectural visualization professionals. He is also the co-founder of CG-School, the only school to provide exclusive content for architectural visualization. Having worked in the industry since 1996, Jeff has been implicated in the development and participation in conferences all over the world including : Mundos Digitales, IMAGINA, VisMasters DMVC and the American Society of Architectural Illustrators (ASAI). He is also submerged in many areas of the industry and is actively following initiatives that will help promote its growth, including the annual CGArchitect Architectural Visualization Competition and 3D Prizes.







With Neoscape since 2005, Carlos leads the studio's film and 3D animation teams. His background in architecture, balanced with an established artistic expertise, is reflected in all aspects of his work, each piece deftly choreographed for its intended audience. As 3D visualization director, Carlos oversees Neoscape's teams of digital artist to ensure the most accurate portrayal of project design, creating a deliberate mood and atmosphere that supports project brand messaging. His decade of experience encompasses everything from architecture, design, and film, and provides him with an enviable skill set that makes him a finalist for multiple architectural illustration awards annually. He has received several awards and recognitions including the ASAI Award of Excellence in 2009 and the 2010 ASAI Formal Award in addition to having his work in publications such as Ballistic Publishing's Expose and Elemental books. Most notably, in 2013 he oversaw a project that received ASAI's Prestigious Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa.






             PAUL NICHOLLS

             Factory Fifteen


Paul Nicholls (UK) lives and works in London. He trained in architecture and animation at both Oxford Brookes and UCL (gaining a Distinction for his Masters). He has worked for many of London's top architecture studios including Glenn Howells Architects and Allies and Morrison, as well as smaller firms like Moxon Architects. In 2011 Paul co-founded Factory Fifteen, a film, animation, and design studio based in London.

He was recognised for his architecture and design work in 2007, selected as one of the top architecture students in the country for his project 'Elevated Brood'. Paul's creative animations have been seen the world over, notably being short-listed to the last 4 in the 2012 Vimeo awards for his technological vision 'Somewhere', being part of festivals throughout 2011-2012 including OnedotZero, The Creators Project NY, Alphaville and Soho Shorts. His film Golden Age - Simulation also won the Best Architectural Animation Award from CG Architect in 2011, and again in the image category for Jonah.


Paul is now a founding creative director of Factory Fifteen and is actively involved in the design and direction of all of Factory Fifteens projects.


 The final three winners:


Alfonso Witz (Mexico)


Justin Bourn - Envision 9 (Australia)


Sonny Ferian - Next Graphic Studio (Indonesia)



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If the judges read this, would like to say a big thanks to the judges who took time to critique our images, for such respected artists to even look at the images definitely a highlight. Both Reinaldo and Evan know the appreciation. Cheers guys!
You're welcome!
If the judges read this, would like to say a big thanks to the judges who took time to critique our images, for such respected artists to even look at the images definitely a highlight. Both Reinaldo and Evan know the appreciation. Cheers guys!
Thank you for all the judges who willing to spent their valuable time to give their valuable comments for all the finalist, we believe that the comments will make us strong and keep improving ourself. Thank you for all the software developer who willing to give their sponsorship, Congratulation for all the winners.
Paul Nicholls's : Alfonso Witz (Mexico) • Environment : 60 • Modeling detail : 55 • Lighting : 60 • Composition : 70 Comments : Nice composition and atmospheric style particularly on the ground level. Subtle use of 3d people which I generally don't like too much. Felt like the there could be more time spent in post production, particularly replacing the hdri sky which doesn’t hold up in resolution. Justin Bourn (Australia) • Environment : 50 • Modeling detail : 50 • Lighting : 65 • Composition : 50 Comments : I liked the lighting on this image and the reflections looked good. Foliage, general detail / variation in the foliage needed as well as foliage textures. A bit more life to the image would also help. Maybe someone walking their dog. Give it the image a story. Sonny Ferian (Indonesia) • Environment: 65 • Modeling detail: 35 • Lighting: 70 • Composition: 60 Comments : Probably the most ambitious image from the shortlist and more time spent in post production. Some of the effects have been over used however, particularly the depth of field which feels strange. Some problems with the ivy scale I think too. If some of the details were ironed out and a bit more time texturing the main building this would be great. Good effort though.
Carlos Cristerna's : Alfonso Witz (Mexico) • Environment : 80 Good environment, there is an intent to give the image some depth, however the "fog" on the left side of the image looks like is way to close to the camera and is distracting. that kind of effect could have been more subtle, also the sky is too distorted and pixelated. 20 deducted. • Modeling detail : 90 Good modeling detail, deducted 10 points for the interior ceilings, could have used a bit more variation in set dressing. • Lighting : 90 I like the lighting, the color palette is good, I have deducted 10 because a hint of warm light closer to the ground would have helped ground the image more, specially from the street light in the foreground. • Composition : 90 I like the composition, 2 thirds of the building to the right one to the left. I deducted 10 because of the person in the middle third is distracting. Justin Bourn (Australia) • Environment : 80 The sky seems a bit over exposed 10 deducted because of that. Although the intent of the artist could have been to not have any people in the image I feel there was a lost opportunity to ad a single person inside one of the apartments as a silhouette, 10 deducted because of that. • Modeling detail : 80 The modeling detail is good for a building at this distance, however the landscaping and the buildings in the background are not as detailed as the rest of the image so they stand out a lot. 20 deducted for these 2 reasons. • Lighting : 80 Lighting in general is good, but there is a strong competition between the sky and the artificial lights, as I have mentioned earlier the sky seems over exposed and that is the first thing you look at in this image. the lighting should lean more in either the artificial or the natural light for this image to work better. 20 deducted for these 2 reasons. • Composition : 80 Composition is weak, too shy, while overlaying different composition lines on top of the image the triangle composition kind of works, I believe this building could have been rendered in a one point perspective having one third of sky and 2 thirds of building or if using the diagonal composition the camera needed to be rotated even more to the left to accentuate the perspective a bit more. 20 deducted for these 2 reasons. Sonny Ferian (Indonesia) • Environment: 70 The environment in concept is good but the execution is a bit distracting, the lens flares are a bit too much and whatever is happening on the left side there is this sort of fog in there that is not helping the image, all those elements could still be used but they are too strong, the sky is pixelated and there are matting issues at the edge of the geometry. 30 deducted. • Modeling detail: 80 Modeling detail is ok for the distance, there could have been a little more attention to the columns and the underside of the swimming pool as they are very prominent in the image, some of the landscaping is also coming as too GC like (Stones and Ivy) 20 deducted. • Lighting: 80 Is good, I believe the artificial lighting is the primary light so that works for me. I believe the sky could have been a little darker on the left side to that the house would pop even more also the interiors are way too evenly lit, a little variation would have helped. • Composition: 70 Way too much sky, way too much left side on this image, this image is not focusing the attention to anything in particular, the only reason the house stands out if because is against a lot of dark green. It had the potential to have great composition if the image were to be cropped so that there was one third of sky and the house would be on the left third line, think about a person portrait, you wanted the house to be on the left looking right. 30 deducted.
Jeff Mottle's : Alfonso Witz (Mexico) • Environment : 85 Overall nice details, but needs more attention to some smaller details. Missing drivers in car, headlights not on, no pool of light from the street lamp. • Modeling detail : 90 Overall very well done. Would like to see more life in the windows of the building, ivy on side of building needs more depth as it looks too flat right now. Some subtle tiling on a few of the textures. • Lighting : 75 I find the colour treatment of the overall image is not as harmonious as it could be. The colour of the sky, and interior lights are not balanced and the overall lighting is a bit dull. The interior lighting has a unnatural hue. • Composition : 85 Dramatic composition that reinforces the angular offset building storeys and does a good job of showing off the entire building. Justin Bourn (Australia) • Environment : 85 Really nicely done, but missing details that bring the scene to life. The lights are on, but no one is home? You should add some people inside and out to add some scale and warmth to the scene, even if only in the background. • Modeling detail : 95 Very well done. • Lighting : 80 Harmonious color and nice overall feel to the scene, great reflections as well. The only critique would be the left hand side of the building seems a bit too reflective for the scale and material. There is also something about the foreground lighting on the grass and plants that does not seem right. • Composition : 80 Does the job, but is a bit standard. Sonny Ferian (Indonesia) • Environment : 85 Very nice job on the foliage. Left side needs a bit more work as it does not look as realistic or detailed as the rest of the foliage. Not really in love with the pushed focus or the over the top lens flare as it’s a bit distracting. A few of the background trees have some subtle fringing issues. • Modeling detail : 70 Many of the corners are too sharp, some segment resolution issues on the top circular opening, a lot of poor tiling materials. Needs some hints that someone lives in the house. • Lighting : 85 Needs a bit more work to bring everything together to feel more harmonious. • Composition : 75 I think the FOV is a bit wide and takes focus away from the architecture. I would crop some off the right side.
Here are the total scores for each finalist : 1. Alfonso Witz : (total scores : 930) First Place • Environment: 85 + 80 + 60 = 225 • Modeling detail : 90 + 90 + 50 = 235 • Lighting : 75 + 90 + 60 = 225 • Composition : 85 + 90 + 70 = 245 2. Justin Bourn : (total scores : 875) Second Place • Environment: 85 + 80 + 50 = 215 • Modeling detail : 95 + 80 + 50 = 225 • Lighting : 80 + 80 + 65 = 225 • Composition : 80 + 80 + 50 = 210 3. Sonny Ferian : (total scores : 845) Third Place • Environment: 85 + 70 + 65 = 220 • Modeling detail : 70 + 80 + 35 = 185 • Lighting : 85 + 80 + 70 = 235 • Composition : 75 + 70 + 60 = 205

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