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Learn About Real-Time Rendering and VR at the Vectorworks Design Summit

Karlsruhe, Germany and New York, October 27, 2021 - Enscape, a leading provider of 3D real-time rendering and virtual reality technology that plugs directly into Vectorworks, has announced it will attend the Vectorworks Design Summit virtual conference from November 1-3. Enscape will demonstrate how it plugs real-time 3D into the Vectorworks design process and discuss how real-time rendering and virtual reality are fundamentally changing how we design and deliver projects for the built environment.
“I’m thrilled to speak at this year’s Design Summit, together with Jeff Melzer, about how you can turn your models into immersive 3D experiences with Enscape,” said Dan Monaghan, Head of Sales & Channel, Americas at Enscape. “We will show you how to instantly visualize and validate the impact of your design decisions, reduce errors and better communicate with others on the team, and set your firm apart by showcasing your projects in ways that simply were not possible before.”
Vectorworks users have been plugging Enscape into their design workflows since version 2021. Last month, Enscape released support for Vectorworks 2022 to allow architects and designers to enjoy the new Enscape features launched with Enscape 3.1 right inside of Vectorworks 2022 - including the new Material Library, Simplified Assets, Panorama Gallery, and support for NVIDIA DLSS. Existing users can download the Enscape Service Pack to start using Enscape for Vectorworks 2022. Vectorworks Design Summit is the flagship event for the Vectorworks community, attracting customers from all around the globe and provides exclusive trainings and opportunities to network with like-minded individuals. To find out more and register to attend, visit: Vectorworks users can request a free trial of Enscape here:
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Enscape to Demonstrate How to Plug Real-Time 3D into Vectorworks

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