By Ciro Sannino

How to Render objects in a white space / Limbo

A few days ago one of my students asked me about how to render a piece of furniture in a white bright space. Then I created a lesson on the topic.
The one below is the kind of image to produce:
Despite its visual simplicity, the structure of lights behind this ‘look’ can be a little bit complex and sometimes tricky.
The most important part of the process is keeping the Chiaroscuro effect under control, but other parts of the image – such as the reflections – are really important because they transmit the sense of the weight thanks to the contact with the ground.
How to keep all these aspects under control? You need a specific lighting hierarchy, made by 5 lights using Corona Renderer as a render engine. Actually, in my Corona course I have an entire module only for photographic Lighting (you won’t find anything similar) and today I want to share with you the specific scheme applied in this image:
As you can imagine, each light plays a specific role in the scene.
To tell you how to manage this situation I recorded this lesson.
(the content has French and Portuguese subtitles, and under this video you will also find the links to the Spanish and Italian version)
ESP - Link a la lección en Español
I hope it helps!
Ciro Sannino
Corona Official Instructor
Chaos Academic Partner
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Thanks to this lighting structure you will be able to render objects in the white, abstract and infinite space, called Limbo. Render engine used: Corona Renderer.

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