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By Jeff Mottle

Lumion 12 Now Available

Lumion 12 is available now as the latest version of one of the most intuitive, versatile and efficient rendering tools available for architects. Before reading on, please take a moment to watch the video announcing the release of Lumion.
With several new features, a larger content library and an improved workflow, Lumion empowers architects to bring their ideas to life and communicate with more emotion and clarity. It’s now easier to convey the atmosphere, details and mood of a design at any stage of the design’s development.
Model provided by VIS3DARQ
It takes just minutes to show the morning sun casting a soft light on a new residential building. With a few clicks, architects can capture the coziness of a morning in bed while the rain hits the windows.
Or perhaps they simply want their clients to feel the vibrant autumn forest surrounding their new design.
Whatever one imagines for their design — a mood, a feeling or a moment in time — they can bring it to life with Lumion 12. Just a few of the new features in Lumion 12 include:
Volumetric spotlights
Scorpia interior, model design by Adam Ingram (Ark Visuals).
The new volumetric spotlight effect infuses more atmosphere and emotion throughout a project, especially when used with Real Skies, the fog effect, or atmospheric rain and snow.
Light color temperature (Kelvin)
Surface decals
New additions such as surface decals let architects instantly show surface imperfections and highlight textures like never before.
Combined with other features such as weathering, displacement maps and edges, the new surface decals make it possible to show everything imagined for the design, whether that includes immersive details or concepts such as the passage of time.
New fine-detail nature and other library items (some Pro only)
Startup incubator, model design by Charles Infante and Emely Córdova.
Lumion 12 also comes with 41 new fine-detail nature items, including a range of new palms at various stages of growth, exquisitely detailed flowers, stems of grass, weeds, cattails and other small plants. With the range of nature and fine-detail nature options, architects can quickly capture the vitality of real-life landscapes.

LiveSync for Autodesk FormIt Pro
Now, in Lumion 12, Lumion’s real-time rendering LiveSync plugin is available for Autodesk FormIt Pro, a design tool often used in the early design stages. Autodesk FormIt Pro combines intelligent automation and informed analysis with fluid 3D sketching so architects can design better buildings.
By modeling in FormIt Pro and rendering simultaneously in Lumion with the free LiveSync plugin, architects can always enjoy high-quality visualizations that give invaluable clarity and insight into their design decisions.
Improved scene-building experience
Lumion 12’s improved scene-building experience makes it easier and faster than ever to access the vast content library, fine-tune effects and add the right contextual elements and details to a render. Learn more with our new user tutorials.
To discover the full range of new features in Lumion 12, you can access the Lumion 12 release notes here.
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The latest version of Lumion is available now with new features and an improved scene-building experience for architects to inspire their creative journey from imagination to visualization.

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