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Nightnurse Image of the Month: April

Every month we host a small internal competition at Nightnurse Images: Everyone submits their best work from the past month at a fixed date and an online vote gets cast. The winner is awarded the trophy (an original 70’s LiteBrite) to show on his desk for a month and receives a lunch voucher for a nice restaurant near the office. Also, they get to curate a showcase section of our website, visible to all visitors to our website.

Within this series of interviews, the IOTM-winner briefly outlines his/her work at Nightnurse Images, what inspires them and what the underlying theme was for their showcase selection.
IOTM Winner April 2019
Visualizer: François Egreteau
Winning Vizualisation of the Month April 2019 © Nightnurse Images
Client: Agence ter
Project: 1st prize Competition Parc Expo Shanghai
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Interview with François from Nightnurse Images, Image of the Month winner in April 2019

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