Street Davis

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like it.
Inspirational!. Very realistic. Am very impressed.
Love your all work, but I have an issue with the vehicles. You have a good understanding of the how the environment needs to be "messy/dirty" to achieve realism but ALL your vehicles don't have the same treatment. Seems like all the cars have been just washed. Too clean and shiny. Some condensation on the windshields and glass would definitely make this piece more believable. With all that rain and imperfections on the ground, I believe at least the LTR train should have a sense of being used. Maybe some leaves stuck on the side of it, some condensation. Even a little dirt on just above the wheels would make me believe it more. Otherwise, everything else looks great!
Amazing work!
beautiful ; the train is very clean in rainy day !
whats the performance of pc that u use? i mean cpu and vga and ram? thnx
the color & angle are really powerful. superb 3d rendering!
well, let's go, this scene I modeled only the first four building left, the road and some objects, all other building I had already modeled in my other scenes, such as (octopus attack, munich street) and it saved me time, and to be more specific took less than two weeks, I did a Making of this scene and sent to the site administrator, I think he will post soon. thanks for comments.
It would be great if this guy answered some of the questions posted...
w0o0o0o0o0o0o0w.very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
very nice
You Did it Brilliantly........ wow, Good Luck ! :)
impressive... amazing...
fantastic in detail