Espresso Apartments Visualization

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wo0o0o0owWwwW, AwesOme..
Thank you guys!
Awesome perspective! Maybe the sky is a bit too contrasted but the image really looks great!
Hi there! Love the color and depth of the image. I struggle a lot to find good night background city images. Can you give me an hint where to find such nice views for photomontage? Cheers and great work!
Outstanding work! For me, FOV is too deep
Fantastic work. Really like this. :)
Thank you for attention, kind and critical comments.
very nice image!
Indeed, my favorite mood setting - evening sky - Excellent Work!!
Nice work, the point of view is great
very cool
Rafal , Congratulations ... I told you ;)
The overall look and feel is great. But the AO kills my eyes by destroying realism from the egg everytime it's applied on a surface. Beautiful background & integration! Raph
Love it, mood, feeling, just great ! :)
Thank you for Adam and Adeel. Adam, you can check a raw render on my blog here : Cheers
It's very nice balance & amazing mood :) good job.
Love it, awesome post-work! Could you post a raw render?