Winter house family

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very nice!
clean color!
thx for all comments ! :)
Nice work. Could be alot of powerful if the shot was parallel and head on. Maybe too surreal though.
Excellent Work .............!
Enhorabuena por el trabajo!
Thx a lot Sergio i"m really proud about this.
Congratz! deserved award! i love the image congrats my friend.
It's a monster squirrel !! ;-) No much photoshop, AO passe , curves , little color correction.And both animals. Not a huge post-prod program !
how much photoshop did you use? is possible to see original render before postproduction? really awesome picture :)
It's just a slope. But squirrel is huge. Pleistocene megafaunal remnant :)
First of all thanks a lot for the award image of the week !!! Thx to CG Architect team. First the impression of wrong perspective please check the wire here :!/profile.php?id=101124006623750&__user=100001601485636 I agree with you Stephen about the crop on the top. But this is metal no concrete ! ;-)
Just think the concrete on the top off the building looks off. Maybe small caps of snow would make it blend in better to the scene. (You know a house is badly insulated when you see no snow on the roof) But apart from that great work.
Camera view makes me feel weird. Sth wrong with it.
awesome!+++ =)
Snow is displace painting map, trees are from itree and evermotion collection. I think forest is better in some points like ram use, stability and other, the technical support is better too. But this is my point view.
Nice shot! How did you make the winter environment - is it something like a preset in forest pro. or you used your own models etc.? I haven't tried forest pro, is it better than multiscatter?
Thx Marcus, this is exactly the feeling i tried to make ! :)
Nice work. I really like the "its fucking cold outside, but I'm in my cozy home" mood. Simply but expressive.
Only animals are 2d, the rest of the scène is full 3d.