mixing renders...

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hey guys, had another go at this render, this time im mixing 4 renders... see if u can name them... [ATTACH=CONFIG]45558[/ATTACH]

@: first off cheers for all your comments, they've help loads... about the lady, well all the people are the same, their just clones, but now that u say it she dose look a bit unproportionate... and that brings me to, @ [IMG]http://forums.cgarchitect.com/images/statusicon/user-offline.png[/IMG]: yeah... know what you mean... il look in to that, cheers... @ [IMG]http://forums.cgarchitect.com/images/statusicon/user-offline.png[/IMG]: what do you mean by "those luminaries can glow on the ceiling."? do u mean the bright areas around the light boxes? if yes, the gray boxes that look like their containing the light bulbs. Are a side effect i got when i added the ambient occlusion pass, i don't know, at this point, what would be better, take it out in post (photoshop) or fix it in the ao settings... any ideas?

I like hall. But I don't think those luminaries can glow on the ceiling.
nice idea, I like the textured 3d stuff with stylised people but these guys just look creepy, looks likes something from Village of the Damned
Woman at the middle is too small. no? or is she sitting there?