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nice. If I was busy, I wouldnt have watched it all though. I think the into piece is too long (30 seconds is an age in a reel).
i really love the animation it's amazing presentation ;well done
Hey, Love your style, it reminds me of squint opera stuff. Can't wait to see what projects you get a chance on in the future. Cheers Scotty Valentine
VEry very nice piece of animation you have there. I like how the abstract ideas merge in to the stylistic realism. The start sequence reminds me of the original tron movie with all the dark reflections and neon lights. Impressive. Not sure if i agree about the backsteps, i think they fit quite well with the music and whats important is that they weren't overdone or over used, it would have worked just as well with out them so i understand where Jon is coming from.
The music and the boring colorscheme made me stop the playback after 27 seconds. sry.
Like it all apart from backsteps in the animation. Some nice ideas for presentations there.