Happy Journey...

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awesome dear. how many days you spend for this project? good observation bro.keep it up.
thanks all..
Wow.. nice work Prince
Very tidy, love the subtle nuances with your people. Evokes some strong emotion with people feeling like they are almost dark in jail behind bars, but a bright future outside ahead. While the light rays are good, they are the one part that felt like they could be made even better. I recently ran across this plugin and love how it handles this type of light in photoshop. Maybe helpful for the next one :) http://www.digitalfilmtools.com/rays/
Nice Work my friend.... Onnum parayanilla..
did a nice work..vegetation part is quite good! congrats
I would love to see what is 3d and what is photoshop. Great!
great job my dear....
Great work man.
Powlichu bro...