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There you go!!!
There you go!!!
I guess do nothing for 3-4 months and do it in one day;) Thank you for all kind words guys!
THIS IS A ONE DAY WONDER?.... Holy crap man! What the hell can you do if given trhee or four months? freakin' amazing!
Thank you all for comments, much appreciated:) Best, Tomek
Wo0ow - Quick ;>
Is just PERFETC!
Great image - especially for one day of work!
Looks beatiful. This frame could be part of a movie. And the horse gives an epic feeling to it. Like she´s planning to burn it down :p
Very seriously impressive
very nice indeed
Well done :)
very nice
But joking aside. This is a lovely image.
Tomek you legend!
Thank you guys, much appreciated.Due tight deadline most of the project is matte painting.The project is UK based architectural practice and it is some kind of resort. Best, Tomek
that's a really great visual. Makes me want to know more about the architecture. cheers -mb
wow! seriously?...
Well done job for one day :)
are you kidding ? quick hah if this is quick, i wanna see the others