GOLDEN AGE - SOMEWHERE: Technique tests

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very cool ... i especially like the room transforming - very smooth
Quoted for agreement, this part of the animation was pretty inspiring. It got me to thinking how advances in technology can really inform new creativity, and visa versa. Sometimes it seems that the creative pushes the technology and other times the technology inspires new creativity. As I was watching the room transformation, I couldnt' help but think of all these great places where I could use that type of particle system to create interest and tell better story. Always know it's a good piece of work when it inspires. I have one crit, but this is coming from a particle system layman, so take it for what it's worth. To me the particle transitions seem a little too 'wood shard triangle-esque' Maybe that's what you're going for, so that's fine, but to me each object wants to have it's own particle shape generated form the geometry. It seems like maybe the shapes are determind from the fact that the polys are triangles instead of really deriving it's shapes from the geometries of the models. After all, they are 'thinking' particles yes? :) Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to watching the progression of your "golden age' piece. M-
double post, whoops :)
very cool ... i especially like the room transforming - very smooth
Awesome and then some!!! Thanks for sharing.