Living off the grid

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i agree :)
nice :"dreamy idea" but needs more work.
i think if one posses your question to any structure or project one can find the hypocrisy in anything ... my idea was to have a self sustainable small location for your own.. did i put much thought on the materials no.. it was a quick render and i am still working on the idea and refining it.. so in that sense its not hypocritical it is a work in progress a hope that maybe something like this can be made with out harm to anyone... Maybe one day we can produce .. all these nice materials without causing harm to our natural environment . i have seen some very beautiful houses that live "off the grid" just inspired me to contribute a basic idea. Ill keep you posted on more info so you can have a better idea of how this is going to work . THANKS !
If the goal is to be less dependent on the negative aspects of urban life (like pollution) and to "live off the grid", then isn't it really [U]hypocritical[/U] to have all those 2 foot frames, shiny plastic envelope, modern furniture and curved glass (unless there is a method of producing plastic ,metal and glass in the forest, with your own two hands)?
Hey john i know you guys have a billion ways to make things seem real but i was trying to make really bushy grass...the idea was to have a type of 2 foot deep frame that one can pack soil in and have ur own food grow on the roof.. self sufficiency.. i thought it was an intriguing idea ya the roof its supposed to be grass ... and yes i know some stuff is off everyone thanks! trying to get better!
Scale is a bit off with plants, but one thing that keeps drawing my eye is the roof. What is up there, fur? John
Thanks everyone...i think my goal was to put a very rough idea out there...its still a work in progress....Again thanks for the great Input everyone!
Its a great idea.. and I plan on working towards an earthship community myself some day. Mike renolds (originator of the earthship concept) has some really good ideas in this area, but these ideas don't imply solidarity. Whole villages and towns like the community in the New Mexico desert have been created using these construction methods. If a congregation of like-minded people are motivated enough to make it happen, it can be done. I just think people need people.
cool idea marlon.. I understand the point you are trying to make, but it is true that living alone in the forrest has inherrent dangers of its own, so it's not some sort of wonderful paradise :-). Rendering wise, your building is quite small. You need to scale it/human up some. Good blending though of the virtual with the real photo. P.S. Is that guy walking around looking for a bathroom? lol
things are still the same, violence has dropped, things u find shocking these days were considered ordinary in the times ur referring to... we always were dependent on our intelligence and services we are humans! politics and domination are the fabric of human groups or societies, pollution well that s kinda new to modern life, violence is part of humanity. the time ur referring to was not as innocent as u think.. You cant even imagine how dangerous it is to live in such a place and how many insects, parasites, animals and threats are there that u only can stop using modern technology. well if u find a time machine and go to that time u ll be horrified lol. nice image tho scale is wrong needs more work overall, if u have time try modeling or using everything in 3d.
scale is very wrong - or giant leaves