House in the woods

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Excellent depth!
Like 100 :3
just amazing .waiting for making and breakdown....:).
I love living in here,the way u created the scene :)
Texture, lighting, shadow, all are great! Coooool 3d rendering.
Amazing !!!
itz really photo-realistic work...we r expectng more frm you..
ita damm damm GOOD...waiting for making and breakdown...need to know more about compositing...
Genial las luces y el Detalle son cuidadosos enmarcando la escena felicidades
Mind Blowing - totally amazing!
Awesome - Awesome - Awesome lighting! Well done!
Very good Tyndall effect to achieve the particular mood in the image...Great work!
is vray ramy
Which rendering engine did you use? mental ray, vray, etc?
Exelente composición. Felicitaciones !
we are doing a making of the scene for cgarchitect, you will have to be patient since we use 4 different programs haha, from max to after effects. We promise to have it really soon guys!! thank you for the comments
great project!well done mate
best exterior trees and grass i've ever seen, quite an accomplishment.
it is amazing, i like the restrained color palette. one thing tho, how come we can see the rays coming at an angle in the right half of the image and also a strip of light coming horizontally (at a different angle) in the upper left quadrant?