3D Rendering Production Lead

computerRemote work allowed
placeLondon, GB
business_center10 years experience
80K annual
checkPossible relocation assistance


We're looking for someone to lead the development of our production rendering offer. What do we need to have in place, in terms of hardware, software, support and processes to be a viable partner for production rendering of stills and animations for tv and film.

The initial phase is scoping; defining our strategy, product and fit in the market. If we work well together, the next phase is building the technology, team and processes to deliver the service.


Heata is a groundbreaking green distributed compute network that uses the waste heat from compute to heat the water in people’s homes. Reducing electricity consumption and carbon impact by 56% vs a render farm + hot water heating.

Rendering is incredibly processor intensive - a 90 minute film could provide a day's hot water for 20,000 homes! - there's a huge opportunity for the visualisation and animation industries to make a significant difference to their carbon footprint, we want to build the technology and platform to help them make that change.


You might have worked in-house at an animation house producing animated tv shows and films, at a visualisation studio focused on architecture or product design, or at one of the large cloud render platforms managing rendering for multiple clients.

We're looking for:
  • 10+ years' experience in rendering / rendering production and a deep understanding of all aspects of managing rendering workflows and render farms.
  • A good understanding of the sales / onboarding process for cloud rendering is desirable but not essential.
  • Degree level qualification is nice but not essential, what's most important is a deep understanding of 3d rendering production.

Key skills:
  • Significant experience in 3d rendering production processes and workflows
  • Experience managing rendering production for animations / films
  • Excellent understanding of the technical side of rendering
  • Broad knowledge of rendering packages and plugins
  • Good knowledge of distributed rendering software, eg. Deadline
  • Good overview of the solutions in the market (in-house and cloud render farms)
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Self motivated and well organised
  • Able to lead and manage a team
  • Strong network in the industry


  • Remote working is ok for a good portion of the week
  • We plan to build an option pool, so there is potential there
  • Fun to be involved at the start of something and be fundamental to its development
  • We're trying to do something good, it's nice to do work on something with purpose

Additional information

  • Full time, starting in 2-3 months.
  • 80k+ / year, depending on experience.
  • Initial 2-3 month scoping phase.
  • Office is based in Godalming, next to the station (GU7 1EY), parking is available.
  • The office is about 40 minutes from London Waterloo by train.
  • Remote working is ok but useful to meet in the office at least one day a week.

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