Realtime Architectural 3d Visualiser - Unreal

computerRemote work allowed
placeLondon, GB
business_center5 years experience


 Tekuchi is looking for experienced Architectural 3d Visualisers who have made the move into realtime viz. Our team is now working in Unreal Engine to create stunning interactive visualisation experiences set into our Digital Twin of London and we are super excited to be able to grow our team of enthusiastic creators.


Tekuchi has a flat hierarchy and is a team orientated company where we all pitch in together as a happy team of creators. We are always trying to push the envelope and self advancement is actively encouraged. 


  • Solid understanding of architectural drawings
  • Ability to create 3d models from architectural drawings and Revit models
  • Expert knowledge of 3dsmax and Revit and AutoCAD or Rhino3d as well as photoshop
  • Solid experience in Unreal
  • In depth knowledge of High Poly to Low Poly Workflow including LODS, Charting and UV Unwrapping and texture baking
  • PBR Materials creation, Architectural specification led Texture Generation and a comprehension of Texel Density
  • Physically Based Lighting knowledge
  • Real time Lighting, Reflections, Refractions and Ambient Occlusion using: Screen Space, Raytracing,  and PathTracing
  • Cinematic Post Process Volumes, using: ACES Color Correcting, Filmic Tonemapper, Color Grading, VFX (Bloom and Glare) techniques
  • Previous experience in photorealistic imagery with Vray


Flexible working.

Additional information

Please include a CV and portfolio in your submission. London based applicants preferred.

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