Unreal Engine Team Leader (Remote. Part-Time)

computerRemote work allowed
placeMadrid, ES
business_center10 years experience
checkPossible relocation assistance


We are actively seeking an Unreal Engine Team Leader with 10+ years of software or CGI experience to join our international architectural and design team. This part-time position (with an opportunity to extend to full time after 6 months) requires at least 2+ years of experience in coordinating a team of ten or more developers and 3D artists, along with 5+ years of hands-on experience with Unreal Engine and 3ds Max. Proficiency in remote team coordination, source control, project planning, and understanding of C++ Code, Blueprints, Widgets, and Budgeting is essential.

By working together, you'll have the opportunity to be part of an exciting startup venture connected to the forthcoming launch of a PropTech product developed by our company. If you are an experienced leader who excels in overseeing all aspects of Unreal Engine development, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and managing project timelines and resources in a start-up organizational structure, we encourage you to apply. You will have the opportunity to provide leadership and mentorship to the team, create extensive project documentation and protocols, and steer the projects to success.

• Overseeing all aspects of Unreal Engine development, working with UE 5.2 and migrating soon to UE 5.3.
• Collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth project execution. 
• Creating extensive project documentation and protocols. 
• Providing leadership and mentorship to a team of Unreal Engine developers and 3D artists. 
• Managing project timelines, resources, and budgeting. 
• Working with remote teams and utilizing tools like collaborative repository and source control platforms (GitHub and Plastic SMC), and Project Management solutions like Notion. 
• Ensuring adherence to quality standards and project requirements.

About your Location
This is a fully remote opportunity coordinated from our Miami Office. While our operations are optimized for candidates based in Central/South America or Europe, we are open to considering talent from other regions as well. Your passion and skills matter more than your location.


ABIBOO Studio is an award-winning architectural and design global firm recognized as one of the most influential emerging architectural firms. We have successfully implemented remote operations for more than a decade. Our clientele includes renowned brands, such as Louis Vuitton or Brookfield, prominent institutions, governments, celebrities, and private individuals. 

Our work has garnered significant media attention, featured in outlets such as BBC, Bloomberg, National Geographic, Forbes, Business Insider, CNN, Wallpaper*, and Harper's Bazaar, among others. Our ideas have been shared at prestigious institutions such as Columbia University, Oxford Union, Upenn, and Tongji, as well as through TED(x) Talks.

Expanding beyond our architectural and urban planning pursuits, we have dedicated our efforts to simulating extreme environments using digital twins, forging robust ties with the Space Industry. Additionally, we have concentrated extensively on merging design and technology within the real estate sector, crafting inventive and patented solutions that aim to push the boundaries of the industry. 


• Total of 10+ years of software or CGI experience. 
• 2+ years’ experience coordinating a team of ten or more UE developers and 3D artists. 
• 2+ years’ experience with Staff and Project Planning and budgeting.
• 5+ years’ experience with Unreal Engine and 3ds Max/ Blender. 
• Expertise in remote team coordination, source control, and project management tools. 
• Production-level experience with large enterprise companies as clients.
• Understanding of C++ Code, Blueprints, Widgets, and general Level Design inside Unreal Engine.
• Proficiency in English. 
• Knowledge of Spanish is not a requirement but is highly encouraged. 


• 100% Remote Work. 
• Compensation based on the candidate’s part-time experience. 
• Potential opportunity for full-time engagement after 6 months of part-time work. 
• Additional compensation through a bonus structure.

Additional information

We are currently in the process of expanding our team of professionals with a specialization in Unreal Engine. A Confidentiality Agreement will be required during the interview process.

To apply, please visit our website's "Join ABIBOO" section under the "Contacts" tab. In the subject line of your application email, kindly include "Unreal Engine Team Leader Part-Time position."

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