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Former Owner of CGarchitect Jeff is the CEO and founder of the leading online magazine for the architectural computer graphics industry – CGarchitect. He has been working in the architectural visualization field since 1996. His roles have ranged from production visualization artist and technical director to business development and CEO. He is an editorialist, frequently performs market research and analysis for some of the top companies in the field and regularly speaks at events around the globe. Jeff is a published author and an expert in color management and has written articles for many of the industry's top publications including quotes in Business week. He frequently acts as an expert judge in industry competitions and publications. In 2018, Jeff was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Society for Architectural Illustrators (ASAI) in appreciation of outstanding leadership, commitment and contributions to the advancement of the profession of architectural illustration. In 2012, Jeff was also awarded the Joe Greco Community Award, the CAD Society's Top honor, for his tireless determination in building an independent online user community serving those in visualization and influencing industry direction. Much of his career has been spent evangelizing the architectural visualization and design field. He regularly runs industry competitions and awards, including CGarchitect's yearly Architectural Visualization competition and 3D Awards.

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