About Image Foundry Studios

Image Foundry is a UK CGI studio transforming the way people market properties and products with images, animations and Virtual Reality. Our 20+ years' industry experience means we can provide strategic guidance on the best way to use CGI to reach new customers on the right marketing channels, and with the best mix of CGI marketing assets. Customer insight is at the heart of what we do, working with researchers and commissioning studies on buyer behaviour so we can tailor our CGI to reach them in an overcrowded digital landscape. www.imagefoundry.co.uk | 0161 302 1580 | hello@imagefoundry.co.uk Services we offer: CGI assets for social media campaigns: Images tailored to your customers, complete with messaging that makes your USPs stand out. ○ Lifestyle room set shots ○ Property interiors & exteriors CGI ○ Flythrough & walkthrough animations ○ Street scene animations ○ Targeted animations for social media ○ Product & e-commerce imagery ○ Product animations ○ Product interactive 720s ○ Online product selectors ○ Virtual Reality content

Software used

3ds Max

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