About Sasha Demeshkin

37. Knew 3ds Max since version 2.0, started studying when i was in school. 2nd year in university I made my first money in interior/exterior design. Been in this industry since that and loved almost every my work. Helped my coleagues technically a lot, dealing with 3ds Max bugs, V-ray glitches and general design problems. On my jobs I've done almost 350 projects - from small appartments and individual houses to large public places, shopping malls and restaurants in almost every style. Written over 100 scripts to make my work process easier. Confident in programming on C and AutoHotKey. Learned how to 3d print since 2016 and completed over 100 projects, some of them were printed only once, some were made in series. Currently studying Revit and Autocad. I'm looking for a remote position (have a lots of experience in organised remote work) but open to review relocation offer.

Software used

3ds Max
Vegas Pro

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