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You may have noticed everyone on CGarchitect has an Industry Impact Score now. This score is a measure of both your contributions to the community and feedback from your peers. Behind the scenes we track over 40 different metrics to build this evolving number.
Metrics we track include:
  • Completeness of user profiles
  • Award wins
  • Contributed CGarchitect content
  • Featured content
  • Jobs offered
  • Feedback shared
  • Advice given
The bottom line is if you do something that makes the industry better, or continuously find ways to do this, you will grow your score.
For more information about your Industry Impact Score, click here.
We actively award the best work submitted to CGarchitect and our competitions. Award winners gain industry recognition, a profile badge and in some cases, cash and awards. Here is a list of our current awards:
  • Visualization Pro of the Week: Awarded to one image, submitted to the site, that is exceptionally well done.
  • Visualization Pro of the Month: Awarded each month to the best Visualization Pro of the Week image.
  • Editor’s Choice: Awarded to images that we think the community should see.
  • 3D Awards Winner: Awarded to the winner of a featured category in our annual 3D awards competition.
  • 3D Awards Nominee: Awarded to the top five nominees in each of our featured categories of the annual 3D Awards competition.
  • Featured Board: On occasion, we create topical curated galleries showcasing unique elements of industry work. If you are featured in one of our curated boards, you’ll get recognized with a featured Board badge.
  • Top Content Producer: Awarded to studios and individuals that make exceptional and regular knowledge contributions to the CGarchitect community.

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