Project: The Glen
Client: Gamuda Land
Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
​​The Glen Celadon City is The Brilliant's most opulent neighborhood, with each house built in a stunning position and five levels each serving a different purpose to support multi-generational families. The Glen is a solution to the trend of exclusive real estate choices, with 70% of the area committed to building natural landscapes. It's a cozy, secluded, and opulent residence nestled in the woods.
Harmonizing nature into a comfortable home to give quintessential living values in all aspects is always a differentiating factor that creates the mark of The Glen. To convey this message, 4pixos Studio has produced 16 CG images and 2 animations that fully describe the impressive features based on creative materials and international rendering techniques.
The high quality images, consistent with the media message, have brought success to the project in the Vietnamese real estate market.
Founded in 2013, 4pixos Studio has 9 years of experience and is the pioneer in the field of architectural visualization in Vietnam. Our teams of creators, entrepreneurs, and first-movers in architectural visualization in Vietnam collaborate around the needs of our clients, unlocking unique possibilities for brand value and increasing the value of projects.

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