Holiday resort Lucień and Museum of PRL (Polish People's Republic)

The subject of the master’s thesis is the revitalization of holiday resort „Lucień” and creation of a Museum of the People’s Republick of Poland. The facility is located in the small vilage of Miakówek in the municipality of Gostynin, Mazovieckie voivodeship.
The goal of the project is to work out how to preserve and modernize modernist architecture, to design an interactive museum and to create a place whose appearance and atmosphere will remind us of the times showed in Stanislaw Bareja’s movies.
The project area includes 4 Rotundas, a one-story outbuilding, road infrastructure, playgrounds and a garden. Tall Rotundas will function as a hotel, as well as restaurants and services, while the unique smaller totem will function as a disco and party venue. The ground-floor building will be expanded by one floor, with the 0 floor housing the hotel lobby, gaming spaces, office with associated functions such as utility rooms, storage and hotel kitchen. A conference center will be build on the 1st floor, whitch will have its foyer both in the building and on its terrace.
The PRL museum has been designed as a white cube with a cylinder cut out to become background for the outstanding architecture of 50 years ago as well as the exhibition inside the building. The interior will be completly white, sterile and minimalist so, so that it is the exhibition that creates the museum, and the architecture is part of the exhibition.
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