He is back ? 
  Unfortunately not, but we always bring some good memories about Senna's career. As an artist nowadays I must confess that I have a lot of tools to make almost everything I want, it is just necessary a great idea and the result comes true when I put in enough effort. 
   For this personal project, I got the new F1 Mclaren and changed the colours, patterns and advertises to look like the old and classic MP4/6.       
     Using 3ds max, Vray, Photoshop and Midjourney I worked in a photomontage technique, using real photos from Senna with your car and replacing just the car from there, making a matte painting to look exactly like in an original photo. I worked as well in a shot created from AI, and replacing the car and some adjustments on Photoshop like helmet and clothes from Ayrton. 
    As a Brazilian, it is not a surprise to work in this personal project about him and I am quite sure that is a feeling from plenty of people, principally because Senna used to bring the Brazilian flag across the world. 
  It is such a good feeling to look at these photos and imagine how it would be if has alive today to beat the new machine. 
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