Apartment in Moscow

The purpose of this project was to create a spacious common living room and kitchen. The interior should have looked minimalistic and luxurious at the same time. In this project, our team not only made renderers, but also developed interior design.
An important condition was that the room had a lot of light. This emphasizes the spaciousness in the interior. We avoided using a lot of elements in the interior - the overall appearance was to be restrained and clean. The color palette of the interior is neutral beige, but we have added color accents with black marble and gold elements, so the interior looks more status.
It is important to say that to create the floor covering we created the textures ourselves. For a random layout of parquet boards, we made a photos of six samles of floor covering. Then we processed these photos into Photoshop and made full textures of them.

If you need 3D renders for your project, please feel free to contact with us: nb@skycgstudio.com 
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