Desert Earth. Version 2

This work combines three basic ideas that reflect different areas of human existence.▪️The first idea concerns the architecture itself. The idea originates from the second half of the 20th century’s architectural trend – metabolism. Its essence is the perception of the architectural environment as a living organism with a change of form in the development process. The basic unit, or “cell,” of this organism is certain modules that can be replaced and supplemented. Actually, such modules also formed the basis of integral structure in this work.
◾️We cannot say unequivocally that the architecture presented in the project refers to metabolism. Since the form is more complete and does not involve further change within one building. But change can easily occur at the design stage; depending on the required function and scale of construction, these modules can form any shape virtually. Therefore, according to this criterion, it is much closer to the parametric architecture.
The following idea is hidden in the form.
This form is a combination of manufacturability and simplicity with natural forms. The tower is a kind of intertwining of helices that remotely resemble DNA. The base of the tower and the adjacent building resemble flowers. All this symbolically means the union of humankind with nature, the desire to live and develop, even in the adverse conditions of Mars.
◼️The third message present in this work is hidden in its title: Desert Earth. Version 2. The keywords here are “version 2.” This is a warning that if we do not learn to take care of the environment in which we exist, we will always leave behind unsuitable conditions, no matter what planet we travel to.
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