When dusk covers the city, the residence is filled with light and attracts guests with warmth. We realized this project for an American architectural company. The client provided drawings for an exterior 3D rendering of the night residence.
House Surrounded by Beacons of Light
The residence, depicted in light brown and dark gray hues, towers imposingly over the pool. It has two staircases for entry, adorned with neat metal railings in black. In between is ever-flowering greenery, which also envelops the house above and below, giving it an eco-accent. 
Through the panoramic windows on the first floor, you can see the faint outlines of upholstered furniture in the spacious rooms with high ceilings that radiate comfort.
The second floor has an extended seating area where guests can sit on the snow-white chairs and discuss work issues while enjoying the view.
Real Water Effect
Looking at the pool for a long time, you can see small waves from the cool night wind. The water reflects the magnificent house and visitors, depicting unique watercolor paintings. 
Our 3D artists paid special attention to the pool, showing their skill in depicting photorealistic water. 
Professional visualization of the house harmoniously emphasizes its owners' status, minimalism, and hidden behind-the-curtains luxury. We portrayed the night residence's grandeur, fully satisfying the client's needs.

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