Haus am Sturcher Wald

This project from Bernardo Bader Architekten is very inspiring. We love similar architecture and mood. Therefore, we wanted to make a visualization of the photos of this project. This is a full 3D scene. We paid a lot of attention not only to architecture, but also to the landscape, because they are inseparable.
This house is located in a very beautiful place in Austria. Hilly terrain with wild grasses. Cloudy sky which giving beautiful diffused lighting. All this together creates a unique atmosphere that we wanted to show you. But it seemed to us that the creation of this visualization only in daylight is not enough to do this. Therefore, we decided to add a few evening views so that you could appreciate the beauty of this place in the dark time.
Working with this project, we paid special attention to the elaboration of the landscape. We did not try to repeat it exactly as in the photo. Inspired by the mood of this project, we made the landscape the way we would like to see it on these renders. We did it because working with landscape is creativity. Creating natural compositions is always very exciting process.

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