In between my architectural visualization projects; whenever I have time, I try new things to learn new aspects of visual experience and gain more information on the softwares I use.

Generally I have an idea or inspiration of something and start to build on that without thinking too much, only focusing on the visual aspect of the idea I had.

These are some of my miscellaneous visual explorations.

3d Compositions
Experimenting with space, color, light and form.

Ping Pong
I love "eleven table tennis" game on virtual reality headset. These are some of the ideas i had when i was playing table tennis online.

Typewriter Scene
Light and color experiments on a really simple isometric scene.

I did this just for the sake of the simplest idea.

I found a nice transformer model, liked it's industrial design line. It had a really bad topology so I repaired it. Then i applied some interesting textures and lights.

I really like the design this kind of industrial buildings, the general idea was rendering a poster with a giant monster platform composed of smaller platforms.

Strange exibition spaces for some strange objects.

Weird Chairs
The idea was rendering a poster from some chairs. I decided on some weird chairs under weird lighting and align them in the most monotonous way.
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