The Bridge Project

The Bridge Project

The bridge between the living and nonliving

I am happy I had an opportunity to work on this project. When I saw the architectural concept and its location, I immediately fell in love.
A primary task was capturing the harsh environment around the project location and showing the atmosphere at its best. First, I had to rebuild the area in 3ds max using photo references, then scatter the minor rocks, snow, and required assets.
Secondly, the architect wanted to show the building as part of the environment, as the continuation of a cliff— as you can see, most of the cliffs, rocks, even dying grass are yellowish-orange tones. That's why we chose to go with rusted metal sheets on the facade of the building. I used Quixel Megascan Library to mix some of the metal textures in the Material editor. Finally, I added the unique mountain image seen from the project location in photoshop.
Why name bridge? There is a reason why I fell in love with this place. The site location's altitude is 3000 meters. This place is the last camp for tourists to visit, from here only professional alpinists can venture, even grass won't grow from here upwards—the bridge between the living and nonliving.
Architect: Irakli Shevchenko
Visualization Artist: Ilia Ghvinjilia
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