The Grove was one of my most recent projects working at Rovar Ltd, made for a client in the middle east, we were tasked with showcasing their new housing and retail developments and wanted to make a proof of concept to illustrate the realism and interactivity possible with Unity AR. 

My role in this project was scene design and lighting, so I began by importing their Sketchup Files into 3D Studio Max, making corrections to the models to allow them to tesselate correctly and import to unity without issues. I then downloaded a few different humanoids from TurboSquid and CGTRader, and rigged them using Mixamo, gave them materials from AmbientCG and applied them in Unity before handover to my programmer colleague.

After importing all relevant models, animations and textures, I decorated the space with my own modelled foliage, furniture and apartment before making light bakes and integrating a variety of lighting scenarios (Dusk, Evening and Day).
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