The Well - Interactive

Jose URIBEVanguard
Integrated Presentation App

Our Integrated Presentation App is a sales tool application for sales’ agents, controlled via iPads, experienced on two 4K video walls and two scale models with integrated lighting systems.
The app offers a very impactful sales presentation for groups or individuals and allows agents to deftly and organically navigate through their sales pitch with ease. The app helps viewers visualize the development and inform them of the lifestyle and key features of the neighbourhood.
It also provides agents with the ability to quickly browse through floor plans with the use of filters. Once a unit is chosen, it will light up on the scale model, so buyers can view exactly where the unit is located.

Both apps have been a rousing success. It was no small feet to model the entire city of Toronto in 3D in vivid detail and given its sheer size, the project itself—building by building and unit by unit. But the apps have turned the presentation centre into an experience, with one seasoned sales agent referring to them as game changers.
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