In Betweenness

“In Betweenness” is a wellness and healthcare design project in Turin, Italy.
The new structure sits atop a hillside overlooking the cityscape, in between two old establishments, renovated and reused as a refuge for artists where one can take the time to be unproductive and to distance oneself from the wave of errands flooding our daily life.
Emerging from the hillside, in between the existing historical buildings and facing the cityscape of Turin, the new design is set to complete an exclusive experience for artists hoping to stay away from the city life and the overstimulation that constantly affect them.
Framed by heated metal sheets, the elevated and over-hanged architecture creates an open-air and shaded amphitheatre underneath it where artists can pause and enjoy the unique skyline of the Italian city.
Through the night, the lights manifest the contrast between old and new as the contemporary mass hovers over the aged stone wall where the art galleries are lit, highlighting the sculptures placed inside and giving life to the public space created in between the three main buildings. 
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