"The Red Rose City"
  • "WADI" is a captivating image that artfully combines the timeless beauty of the Wadi mountains with the modern elegance of a mirrored glass building. This photo serves as a symbolic bridge between ancient desert traditions and the futuristic allure of contemporary architecture. The composition begins with a sweeping panoramic view of the Wadi landscape, showcasing its red sands and rugged mountains. As the camera zooms in, intricate details gradually come into focus. Ultimately, attention shifts to the mirrored glass building seamlessly integrated into the cliffs and mountains. Futuristic cable cars traverse the mountains through the building, enhancing the sense of modernity. This contrast vividly emphasizes the profound harmony between human innovation and the enduring splendour of nature.
"WADI is my Submission In Cgarchitect "3D Awards 2023"
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