Opera House

        As an artist, I discovered something about my images, seeing how the footage can impact the final result. Most of the time, I use an image from google, pexel, or unsplash, but this project is different. I was invited to take some shots at a concert. The phantom of the opera is the theme, and I am walking around during the concert, trying a lot of angles. With this footage, I merged some selected photos with an Opera House project I drew, and now I have the final images. This is a type of personal study which is, for me, essential as an artist.

Thank you Luiz Carlos Franzao (video production) ,Davi de Oliveira (maestro), Victor Machado (video maker)  and Unicesumar Philarmonic Orchestra 

Type - Cultural

Location - Curitiba, Brazil 

CGI: Wellington Franzao ( 3dsmax, Corona Renderer and Photoshop )

Arch Design by - Wellington Franzao  ( 3dsmax ) 

Photography - Wellington Franzao  ( Canon T3i)

Be - https://www.behance.net/gallery/152088659/Opera-House

 #artist #videoproduction #photography 
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