CLT Modular - Case #3

CLT Modular System 
The construction system is made of 2.44m x 4.88m modules which can be transported in small trucks. These modules work structurally as rigid cores. The interval between them is filled with floor and ceiling panels, and frames with doors/windows. Electrical and hydraulic installations are concentrated in the prefab modules, reducing work at the construction site. The building components are transported from the factory to the construction site as modules and panels. The definition of the infrastructure modules allows several possibilities of spatial configuration. 
The cross plan proposed in this case study has the living spaces in the main volume with two bedrooms on each side, in a total area of 150 sqm. The house interior has a contrast between the timber texture from CLT and the black steel portals. These two materials work together in a hybrid structure with CLT slabs receiving compression loads and steel beams receiving tensile loads. Steel and wood were used seeking to explore the specific potentialities of each material.

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