Villa in the hills

Project: Villa in the Hills
Client: Andrea Lotto Architetti

Service: Architectural Visualization

Andrea Lotto is an architect, living and working in Italy, near Vicenza, in an area full of important historical architecture like the Villas of Palladio.
After a master’s degree in Architecture, at Politecnico di Milano, and several experiences in architectural firms, he decided to start his own business with Andrea Lotto Architetti.
He has a lot of experience in industrial buildings and had the possibility to work on several of them both in the Vicenza area and in the rest of Veneto, in particular in Porto Marghera, in front of Venice.
Andrea is trying to bring his unique approach to his architecture, and we are happy to bring his vision to life with 3D Visualization.
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This beautiful villa is located in the hills near Vicenza, in Italy.
In this wonderful location, Andrea Lotto has designed an absolutely contemporary building.
At the same time, he integrated it into the surrounding landscape: the trees around it hide this little gem, that looks completely different depending on the point of view: from the north, you can see how small it looks.
He gave a lot of importance also to the exterior part of the building, with a great swimming pool that will make the client really happy.
During the design process, for Andrea was difficult to explain to the public administration how well integrated was the building into the landscape, but thanks to our images he was able to convince them and start the construction part.
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© BARC Studio
© BARC Studio
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