Urban Farm Temple

The "Urban Farm Temple" image was a bonus for myself after I submitted my thesis project "Orchard Jenga".

Architecture design and visual by Duy Phan

Time flew quickly through the design development process in my last design studio (Melbourne Cool Lines!), right before the final submission day, after trying to finish the physical model, I only have three days to prepare diagram drawings and render images. The result for squeezing out three nights was the Orchard Jenga renderings I showed in the last post. But then when I handed in my project portfolio I had an idea for the interior design for the urban farm. I came back home and looked at those reference tabs and 3d files that were still opened and decided to extend a bit of time before getting too tired with the interior view. Quite an amount of coffee was consumed and I got the Urban Farm Temple render as you are seeing. The render got lucky enough to help me had a chance to participate in the VR model production for Melbourne Design Week Exhibition of Melbourne Cool Lines! Studio in April (fortunately before Covid hit Australia).
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