Dnipro Metro

We are pleased to present to you one of our most beloved and picturesque projects, Dnipro Metro, which was made for the studio of the legendary architect Zaha Hadid.

Omega has visualized new metro stations that are planned to connect important centers of social, cultural and business life of the city of Dnipro.
MORE PROJECTS ON: https://omegarender.com/gallery
Dnipro Metro is a good example of a new concept of urbanism. The idea of Zaha Hadid Architects was to make the public space modern, futuristic and moreover safe and enjoyable. The design of the ticket halls is unique to each station while the interior concourses, corridors and platforms share a cohesive formal and spatial logic.
It was very important for us to emphasize the scale of the project, to make grandiose and eye-catching images, to help the architecture reveal the strong identity that it gives to Dnipro Metro.
So, what do you think of OmegaRender’s visuals of the subway station of the future? We love it! And we hope that Ukraine will overcome this most difficult period and such projects will help a new and beautiful country to be born!
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