Babylon Project

March twenty-sixth, two thousand three hundred and eighteen
It is now more than 200 years since mankind went underground to find refuge, it is now more than 200 years since the human species reached the bowels of the earth after having exhausted its atmosphere... It is now 200 years since the "Catharsis" took place... But today marks the end of this existence...
Eve, the last woman on earth has just given her last breath at the age of 61. Inexorably, deprived of the sunlight, Man was waiting for her disappearance...
Romain Brunas
100 years before Eve closed her eyes for good, the Babylon project was launched. In a madness which is well recognizable to them, this sketch had for objective to create a launching pad towards the space of cryogenic capsules.
Billions of nanobots were released on the surface of the earth to create this ultimate edifice. The work lasted 36 499 days, a cloud of dust surrounded the construction site.
Romain Brunas
Built at the very place where the only access under ground that the humans had is located. The monument was composed of a tower that could be seen to disappear in the clouds in a radius of more than 50 km and a temple that faced it.
Romain brunas
The latter rests on the foundations of an old Roman temple miraculously preserved underground and rebuilt by Nanobots. These microscopic machines have scoured the earth in order to succeed in their mission... Recovering wrecks, ruins and seeds... Composed of an alloy of clay and californium, the protective structure has been designed to have a maximum resis-tance while having an important electromagnetic strength.
Romain Brunas
In order to cryogenize the body perfectly, it was necessary to create a high performance purification environment. This explains the creation of the temple, which, thanks to the few seeds found, was able to recreate a healthy microsystem (what a pity that it was finalized one day after Eve's death).
Romain Brunas
Not being able to carry a capsule, the Nanobots had to find a "Trans-porter" controlled by their connected receivers. Through the clouds, the modi-fied 240K GT soars to the skies thanks to the electromagnetic force of the tower in order to take the last hope of humanity to its final journey.
Romain Brunas
Initially, several hundred people were to take advantage of this program but only Eve left for the unknown in the hope that a superior extraterrestrial life source could revive her... Taking advantage of the space vacuum to keep its negative temperature... The capsule was originally supposed to stay in orbit around the earth thanks to the attraction force of the tower... Only, an earthquake destroyed it 3 years after Eve was put in orbit... 3 weeks after this cataclysm, the capsule was photographed by the Alph-09 satellite in orbit around Venus.
Romain Brunas
It is the last document showing Eve in her sarcophagus...
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