My Unreal Archviz project "La Elvira" was started after graduating university in 2020 during the National Lockdown, as an example of my current skills set in 3D modelling and animating in 3D Studio Max, and developing using Unreal Engine.

Every model in the scene with the exception of some foliage and all the trees were modelled by myself using reference images and site plans from the actual final architectural drawings of La Elvira (A relatives Villa in Cyprus). The foliage and trees were downloaded from CGTrader and Turbosquid, and with all modelled and imported assets textured with PBR textures from Cc0textures.

The final project allows for users to navigate the full scene using conventional First person simulation controls (WASD and Mouse) along with a simple zoom function using the middle mouse button. Users can also interact with objects in the scene, having them change or animate by clicking the left mouse button on them if a prompt appears. A video of the full manual walkthrough can be seen here. There is also an alternative slideshow and camera navigation system which is shown on video here.

Users may also configure the structure in one of two ways; either they use the full configuration menu in one of eight locations using four different presets affecting specific aspects of the whole scene, for example tiles and doors, or exterior wall paints/materials etc (shown on video here). Alternatively, to save time they can use the quick configuration system and select one of four pre-sets affecting all eight areas at once, shown on video here.
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