Minimalism is a contemporary way of saying ‘less is more’ through elegant and simple design. Our client has applied this principle while creating a concept for the apartment located in the heart of Ukraine’s capital. 
​​​The designer wanted to integrate three primary elements and use them as fundamentals for each room: clean lines, black-and-white color scheme, and abundance of lighting. To make sure the idea is well translated to her clients, the designer used 3D renders that accurately displayed the apartment’s character at its best.
Living & Dining Area
The living and dining areas are united into a ‘great room’ to achieve maximum functionality of the space. This way, homeowners will have fast access to their favorite snacks while watching Netflix in front of a fireplace. Such a room will also kindly accommodate guests for weekend get-togethers over a glass of wine.
Entrance Hall, Dressing & Laundry Room
Master Bedroom
A spacious bedroom serves as a separate cozy space for when residents will want to take a moment of peace or have a lazy day in bed. Subdued color palette sets this relaxing mood, while lighting fixtures gently illuminate the room for quality reading time.   ​​​​​​​
Guest Bedroom
The bathroom is another key space that makes this interior design exceptional. A huge panoramic window opens an amazing city view and imbues the room with natural light that helps to easily wake up in the morning.

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