Good day dear friend. Today I would like to tell you about the beautiful group of architects "Fran Silvestre Arquitectos", more precisely about how much their project inspired me to create my own. So, one lovely evening when it was snowing and the wind was strong, I wanted a bit of heat, cocoa couldn't save me, and even strong tea, which was very sad, actually I had the idea to add a Flamingo and a dog, I don’t known why but it so. And yes, this was  yesterday. This, like the other day, started out the same for me, a little tea and search  references for my projects. So I came across the project "House in the Zagaleta" by "Fran Silvestre Arquitectos". Just like that, it happened. I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of their architecture. There is a story about how strong flamingo and spitz really are, that together they are able to make two people in suits work. Well, a little sick-coronovirus.
Original: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
CG: Arseny Kolesnikov
Time: 2 days
Soft: 3DsMax, CoronaRender, Megaskans, Photoshop
Thanks for your attention.
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