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Abstract unveils InstaMAT

From Abstract's press release:

Stuttgart, Germany – 10th January 2024

After over five years of meticulous development, Abstract is delighted to announce the worldwide availability of InstaMAT on 24th January 2024. InstaMAT stands as a groundbreaking software designed to transform industries, offering scalable 3D content creation and unifying a diverse range of technologies into cohesive and scalable workflows.

InstaMAT is the industry’s first solution that empowers studios and professionals to build scalable content, achieving substantial time and cost savings. From asset texturing using layering and 3D painting workflows, AI, sophisticated 2D image processing algorithms, procedural modeling, and more – InstaMAT redefines what is possible in 3D content creation.

It’s been an incredibly long development journey for InstaMAT“, says Manfred M. Nerurkar, CEO of the Abstract group,I believe that not many companies attempt to build a product at the scale and depth of InstaMAT. In order to create a product that is capable of changing the status quo in our space, you’ll need to research and develop thousands of algorithms and figure out a brilliant user experience so it can come together as one holistic solution. I’m proud of what the team has achieved and I believe it is going to cause deep ripples in the industry.

Key Features and Offerings
InstaMAT Studio: The ultimate tool for procedural material and asset creation, scalable texturing, and data-driven asset pipelines. Packed with features and an extensive library of nodes and materials, InstaMAT Studio is a comprehensive solution for professionals.
InstaMAT Pipeline: Simplifying tasks from rendering materials to batch executing Element graphs and performing unit tests on material libraries, InstaMAT Pipeline enhances asset pipelines effortlessly.
Fully Integrated: InstaMAT is available for major digital content creation tools, including InstaMAT for Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Blender, Unity3D, and Unreal Engine, providing seamless integration and a native feel for users of each DCC tool.
InstaMAT C++ SDK: Empowering developers with custom tools, the 64-bit C++ SDK allows seamless integration of InstaMAT technology into their software, facilitating in-house application development.

To read the full release, click here.
According to some replies from the InstaMAT team on their YouTube channel, their "current lineup of integrations will be Autodesk Maya, Blender, Max, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine." and they're "looking at Cinema4D, Houdini and others as well", making it an interesting option for archviz artists and studios. There should also be a free license (for both individuals and small businesses).

You can watch the release video below.
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