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By Jeff Mottle

The Making Of Artist's Nightmare

My name is Dmitry and I'm a CG Artist at Transparent House and I would like to tell my little story about, "ARRIVAL OF A TRAIN OR ARTIST’S NIGHTMARE"

I was very happy to know that Transparent House was nominated for "The Best Architectural Image" for CGarchitect 2012 Architectural 3d Awards.

I had an interesting experience while working on this image and I would like to share it with the community.


The idea of this picture is about time and time running out.  Especially for the character of this image who is a CG Artist. He is working very hard and he is trying to finish his project with the deadline approaching very fast, as fast as a train.

First sketch.


I began modeling in 3ds Max 2012 but I did not want to spend too much time, so I purchased models from TurboSquid. For example, the furniture can be found at TurboSquid by searching the "vizmode" tag.

Model in progress.

Model in progress.

Model in progress.

Final model.


For rendering of these picture I used V-Ray 2.30.01.
Lighting setup is a very simple. It used V-Ray lights + V-Ray light in Dome mode for "Night Light" effect.

Lighting scheme.

The materials are very simple too and no reason to show any settings for them.


When the model was ready and rendered, I wanted to use a male character for artist character and I thought, who better to use than myself?

So, I went down the stairs to our Transparent House photo studio and shot some photos in front of the green screen.

Male character on green screen.

The image was pretty final, but without smoke. I wanted to try to make it in 3d using plugins,
but my coworkers who are very experienced with video production, showed me some tricks to apply to the image without using 3d.

For post production I used Photoshop and applied the effect there. It's just separate layer with a photo of the smoke in "screen" blending mode like flares for lamps.

Work in progress post production without "smoke" effect.

Work in progress post production with "smoke" effect.

Final image.

I have made a short movie about this project that provides more insight and information about the process and workflow.


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Really great idea and nice depth to the image!

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Transparent House's Dmitry show us the Making Of his Artist's Nightmare scene nominated in this year's 3d Awards.

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