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[TRAINING] CommonPoint Masterclass 3D Exterior Lighting

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to level up your Archviz game, you couldn’t be luckier. CommonPoint Masterclass: 3d Exterior Lighting just went live, and it’s full of knowledge that will help you take that next step in your 3d career. Like tons of lighting techniques, scenario breakdowns, color and composition concepts, and step-by-step commercial workflows. Everything you need to know and make the day-to-day job much easier. You’ll literally be able to produce render like these:
So if you want to learn how to illuminate exterior shots in 3ds Max, Chaos Corona, and Photoshop like a pro, check out what’s in store for you.

For junior and senior 3d artist

CommonPoint Masterclass: 3d Exterior Lighting is designed primarily for intermediate 3d artists and seniors who look for that extra spice for their renders. If you’ve been working in the industry for years and feel stuck in a ditch, this training will give you that nudge you need. A breath of fresh air. A new way of looking at your process. 
But we think that juniors should very much benefit from it as well. As long as you’ve created 2 or 3 exterior shots, you’re in the perfect place to hop in. And it doesn’t matter what your renders looked like in the end. The important thing is that you’ve already dipped your toes in the water and want to dive deeper. 

The real challenge, though, will be growing as an artist. Kind of reprograming yourself as an artist. Learning how to tell if something looks right or not. Whether the colors or the light look natural or not. And we want to help you with this too. 

How to illuminate like a pro? 

Lighting is a complex process and might even feel kind of overwhelming. You start putting the lighting system in place, but you quickly find yourself thinking about composition, color, shaders, depth, lighting direction, and whatnot. And on top of that, you need to know many different tricks to execute any lighting scenario you wish. 
So, yeah. There’s a lot of ground to cover. But you’ll explore the knowledge in the training through paths that are easy to follow. So as you tap into many different aspects of illuminating your scenes, you’ll do it one by one. In baby steps. 

Solid theoretical foundation 
Everything you need to know to successfully illuminate a scenario. And what success actually means. What to focus on in daytime shots, and what can go wrong in a night scenario? When is it a good idea to sell an overcast, and what rules out sunset shots. The composition will guide you in every scenario. You’ll learn how to negotiate with it to highlight important things and tone down those that are standing in the way. You'll understand how to distinguish a natural color of the sky or greenery,  so that you have full control over the viewer's perception of your image. 
Step-by-step scenario guide 
You’ll learn to execute scenarios like day, sunset, overcast and night. So basically everything you need in your everyday commercial work. You’ll learn how to set up HDRI’s and Corona Sun. How to choose the direction of the Sun and build a depth perception in every scenario. You’ll learn many tricks and switch between different mindsets to execute each scenario. You’ll find out what potential issues you should be aware of at sunset. Or how to build depth in the overcast scenario, when you don’t have sunlight anymore. You’ll discover a way to build a light typology in nighttime shots. Starting from a dark atmospheric base, bleeding the light from the interior towards the camera. 
Next level techniques 
You’ll love this one, if you dreamt of using volumetric effects in your images. You’ll find a solid foundation to finally do it. And then you’ll dive deep into specific scenarios based on volumetrics and VDB clouds. You’ll play with the lighting and have some fun. These are more of a free flowing lessons for seniors and more experienced artists. You might get your machine steaming here, but also learn how to do it as efficiently as possible. Finally, you’ll uncover the magic behind luts and even create them yourself. On top of that, you’ll see a breakdown of our most iconic images and get more nuances we had in mind while creating them. So you can use the same ideas in your renders. 

We encourage you to be open to change, to try and experiment with new techniques. Simple as that. Analyze your work, explore new concepts and discuss them with your friends. 

5 lessons on color 
It’s a chance to look at color from a different angle. If you feel like something’s wrong with hues of plants or the sky in your renders, now you’ll learn how to analyze and fix it. One by one. You’ll learn the concept of memory colors, tonal ranges, undertoning, isolation and much more. Those might sound weird, but it will be your mental shortcut to investigate parts of your image that are actually important. You’ll train your eye to know what looks good, and what doesn’t, And build your internal color benchmark that will guide you through different scenarios and color palletes.  
Extra visual candy 
The training is more than screengrabbing the process. It's a proper edit with tons of examples. You will analyze renders of our invited star guests and learn with schematics explaining aspects of composition and color. There are color comparisons, composition breakdowns, schematics, various tests, and much much more. You’ll see examples of mistakes you’ll want to avoid. So you can go through the entire lighting process consciously and successfully. 
3D Scene And HDRI Promo Codes
Follow along and practice as we explain the nuances of every lighting scenario in that very scene. Tons of vegetation models, 3d scans, and textures are optimized for production. On top of that, we include HDRIs from the most popular vendors: PG Skies and 3d Collective. Those are non-commercial assets that are more than enough to put everything into practice. And when you’re done learning, grab some juicy deals with promo codes we’ve prepared for you.

Join the CommonPoint Masterclass

So if this resonates with you, check out the details of the training on the CommonPoint. website. This is a comprehensive course, that’s much more than just a “click here and set this” tutorials. Even though you’ll find dozens of settings and ready to go setups. However, the most important thing in this training is for you to understand the lighting process and get inspired with multiple ideas that will help you see things from a broader perspective. So that you can simply become a better 3d artist.
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