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New tools use AI to generate 3D models

Stability AI
Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion, is launching a new AI-powered tool capable of generating textured 3D models from text input, that can later be worked on DCCs such as Blender, Unreal Engine and Unity.
The tool is currently in private preview, available to select customers who reach out to Stability via a contact form. Stable 3D is designed to enable non-experts to generate "draft-quality" 3D models "in minutes", as they state on their blog.
You can read more on Stable 3D here.

Andrew Price
Another tool capable of generating 3D models from text called "Genie" has been launched by Luma AI. As Andrew Price (Blender Guru) says in his Twitter account, results are not production ready and textures are still sluggish, even after a 20-minute refine pass. (below)
Andrew Price
Finally, popular YouTube channel Two Minute Papers published a very interesting video on this subject:
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New tools capable of generating textured 3D models from text are available from various companies, adding a new chapter to the ongoing AI revolution.

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